Accessible to who? Exploring built environment equity with Re-Fabricate and the DisOrdinary Architecture Project

What if the built environment was designed with inclusion in mind, taking into account diverse access needs?

In this episode of Building Sounds, we speak with some of the individuals who are actively working towards transforming this vision into a reality – Jos Boys, Poppy Levison (DisOrdinary Architecture Project), and Roseanne Scott (Re-Fabricate).

We explore the legacy of Seats at the Table, one of the key built projects from LFA2023 consisting of a series of accessible seating and public realm interventions in the City of London by Re-Fabricate and the DisOrdinary Architecture Project, as well as the brilliant work that has followed the project.

More information on Re-Fabricate can be found on their website, and for the DisOrdinary Architecture Project, you can learn more using this link.

The launch of the mentioned ‘Many more Parts than M!’ compendium will take place on Tuesday 23rd Manchester at Manchester School of Architecture and on Thursday 8th February in London at the RIBA. Head to the team’s websites for more information.

To find out more about #LFAat20 or how to get involved in the Festival, head to the LFA website. Have a question for the podcast? Email

Finally, a big shout out to RSBC’s Life Without Limits Centre for hosting us for this conversation, to listen to our conversation with the charity and EPR Architects about the centre, you can do so here.


Timestamps for this episode:

00:10 – Introductions and quick-fire round

07:05 – Seats at the Table project overview and design process

15:30 – Learnings from the project

20:50 – What’s been happening post June

26:30 – ‘Many more Parts than M!’ compendium

28:59 – Changes needed in the industry and design

31:27 – What is Spoon Theory?

35:00 – The importance of accessible design for all

39:42 – Challenges for LFA2024 organisers

46:30 – One thing that the team would like to ‘reimagine’

56:20 – Social media links and closing comments


This episode was produced and edited by Katya Spiers. You can find a transcript of the conversation using the link below:

Download the transcript


If you’d like to listen to our podcast on the RSBC’s Life Without Limits Centre, you can do so here.


Episode image: Seats at the Table intervention in Postman’s Park © Luke O’Donovan