Biourbanism – Creating resilient cities for the 21st century, with McGregor Coxall

In this conversation, we explore the theme for 2023 edition of the London Festival of Architecture (LFA)- ‘In Common’, in the context of cities – and how we can create resilient cities for the 21st century. We’re joined by three people from McGregor Coxall: Adrian McGregor, Michael Cowdy and Yazid Ninsalam.

McGregor Coxall is a multi-disciplinary design studio dedicated to assisting cities achieve sustainable prosperity.
– Adrian is a landscape architect and biourbanist and is the founder and Chief Design Officer of McGregor Coxall.
– Michael is a Director and Landscape Urbanist for McGregor Coxall, based in their Bristol office.
– Yazid is an Associate Director at McGregor Coxall, with a focus with Biourbanism.

To find out more about LFA, the 2023 theme -‘In Common’, or how to get involved in the festival, head to
Find out more about McGregor Coxall here.
Check out the ‘Biourbanism: Cities as Nature’ book here.

This episode was produced and edited by Eliza Grosvenor.
You can find a transcript of the conversation using the link below:

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Image Credit: McGregor Coxall