Building Sounds – Introduction

Welcome to Buildings Sounds – the architecture audio guide from the London Festival of Architecture

The great joy of radio and podcasts is that you can do other stuff whilst your listening.
The concept behind building sounds is simple, you enjoy a nice walk around an architecturally significant area whilst the architects who have designed or worked on the buildings tell you more about what you’re looking at, along with some of the stories behind the buildings.

Building Sounds is part podcast, part walking tour and part museum audio guide.

The LFA has two podcast feeds. In our original podcast Architecture Masters, we speak to the leading lights of the profession who are all quietly shaping our building and cities. In Architecture Masters we’re interested in the people behind the buildings – the stories behind their practices, what inspires them, how did they become architects and what’s led to their success.

Buildings Sounds is more about the product of their work – a way to find out about the buildings they create. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences when it comes to buildings. We’re not trying to tell you which buildings you should or shouldn’t like – but merely to share some of the fascinating stories behind the buildings, that far too often go untold.

Most museum audio guides give you the opinions of curators or critics giving you their perspective on the art for in question. We could have done something similar. But rather than giving you a critic offering their perspective – one step removed – we thought it nicer to hear from the architects themselves.

If you know the building in question, then these podcasts might make sense in isolation, but we really think they’ll be enjoyed more as you walk around the area.

In each season we’ll bring you a number of episodes from around a particular part of London

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