Cultivating change: vertical farming in London’s Royal Docks

In this episode of Building Sounds, we’ll be exploring how urban farming can convert neglected urban spaces into flourishing vertical farms, reducing food poverty and supporting a more sustainable city.


In conversation with First Sukpaiboon and Dan Bridge, we investigate the transformative nature of vertical farming practices, and explore its role in shaping resilient and eco-friendly cities. A panel discussion and XR installation showcasing the vertical farm-to-form project mentioned in this episode featured as part of our LFA2023 programme.

First Sukpaiboon is an architect and entrepreneur who specialises in placemaking and narrative design. She holds a master’s in urban planning and is a creative strategist at spacelab_. First has also conceived a research project funded by the Foundation for Future London, entitled ‘Vertical Farming Intervention for Unused Spaces’.

Dan Bridge leads the team looking after regeneration in the Royal Docks, alongside a the Mayor of London and the Mayor of Newham. Dan looks after a range of mixed-use development projects that are part of the Mayor of London’s largest land-led regeneration project and a designated Enterprise Zone.


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This episode was produced and edited by Katya Spiers.
You can find a transcript of the conversation using the link below:

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Image © spacelab_

Image description: An visualisation of First Sukpaiboon’s vertical farming project in the Royal Docks


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