Design Future London Challenge, with Jules Pipe, Natalie Wells (GLA) and UEL Alumni

In this conversation, we explore the theme for 2023 edition of the London Festival of Architecture (LFA)- ‘In Common’, in the context of the Design Future London challenge – a design challenge led by the Mayor of London, alongside MOBIE, which aimed to inspire young Londoners to develop an interest in designing beautiful, affordable and sustainable places to live, work and visit.

We’re join by Jules Pipe and Natalie Wells from the GLA. As well as three students from UEL, Hussain Akil Sadliwala, Alina Klimenteva and Mohan Ukabhai Dungrani.

  • Jules is Deputy Mayor for Planning, Regeneration and Skills, working on key priorities for the Mayor.
  • Natalie is a Senior Communications and Engagement Officer at the GLA, as well as lead on the challenge.
  • Hussain, Alina and Mohan are three of the students from UEL, involved in the challenge in 2022.


To find out more about LFA, the 2023 theme -‘In Common’, or how to get involved in the festival, head to

To find out more about how you can get involved with the challenge, click this link here.

To explore the UEL Teams challenge project, click this link here and search for Entry 5.


This episode was produced and edited by Eliza Grosvenor.

You can find a transcript of the conversation using the link below:

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