London Festival of Architecture 2023: Pews and Perches (Fourth Edition)

As part of LFA2023, the LFA unveiled the winning benches for the third edition of Pews and Perches. The series of benches aims to improve London’s public realm, celebrate emerging architectural talent, and connect people with the buildings and spaces around them. In this episode we speak to the designers of the winning installations to hear the stories behind their designs.

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This episode was produced and edited by Katya Spiers.
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Image: Pews and Perches Benches, LFA2023 – Luke O’Donovan

Image description: Collage of four images. The first showing a close up of the Chit Chat Chair, with the water of the Royal Docks in the background. The second showing FLOAT, with Royal Albert Dock in the background. The third showing a close up of Round the Neighbourhood, with UTC in the background. And fourth showing Together We Hold, amongst the greenery of Lyle Park.


1:37 – Round The Neighbourhood by Nicolos Makatsaria and Jericho Cabalan

5:55 – Chit Chat Chair by Studio Groove

10:23 – Together We Hold by Akmaral Khassen

17:20 – FLOAT by Akasaki Vanhuyse